Peters Municipal Consultants, LTD

Specifically, we assist in developing and maintaining fiscal plans, based on discussions with the client regarding plans and policies the client has adopted and expects to adopt. The fiscal plans include projections of revenues and expenditures for each major fund. In developing these projections, we review certain calculations by the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF), the Department of Revenue, the State Budget Agency, and others, to help assure that revenue calculations and distributions are being made correctly. We also perform the following services:
  • Translate the plans into a budget structure, presented on the appropriate prescribed forms, enabling the client to adopt budgets that are consistent with the plans.

  • Review the budget advertisement.

  • Review budget to ascertain the possibility of any permanent levy losses.

  • Assist in assuring that the budget, as adopted, will be acceptable to the DLGF. If it appears the budget will not be acceptable, we will advise the client in advance of the amounts of budget cuts or other changes the DLGF may require.

  • Identify opportunities for tax levy appeals, or other opportunities to increase revenue, and advise on the procedures for securing them.

  • Attend appeal hearings as appropriate.

  • Identify the need for, and assist in, the establishment of cumulative funds.

  • Discuss the 1782 Notice with the DLGF to help assure that any changes made by the DLGF are justified and made in a way most advantageous to the client.

  • Review final budget orders by the DLGF to assure that they are consistent with decisions made during the 1782 Notice process.

  • Monitor the accounting for local option income taxes at the state and county levels to help assure distributions are made correctly to the client.
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